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Information becomes a corporate asset as relevant information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

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Intra CPS™

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Transform Information Into Knowledge. Transform Information Into Knowledge.
Knowledge management goals are accomplished without
disturbing the productive flow of the workday.

WorldFlash Intra CPS™ is a powerful intelligent agent for the enterprise environment. Relevant information is delivered to individuals and to groups in a clear and unobtrusive way.
  • Gain a competitive edge with rapid and targeted distribution of critical information and breaking news alerts
  • Empower decision makers to swiftly respond to changing business conditions
  • Ensure that everyone previews critical information
  • Send a cohesive business message across divisions and separate locations
  • Encourage competition and increase productivity through targeted communication of the latest results from different departments and divisions
  • Effectively communicate product news, new policies and company initiatives regularly
  • Streamline information from multiple sources and increase the effectiveness of existing corporate information systems
  • Save expensive corporate resources like bandwidth, CPU and Servers
  • Track and analyze how employees respond to information
Whether highlighting corporate information sources, or providing a seamless connection to a multitude of industry specific external sources, the powerful intelligent agent technology that powers our products offers measurable savings to resources such as servers, bandwidth and client-side CPU usage.

Business Intelligence has never been easier
Instant connection to the most prestigious vertical content sources, serving a wide range of industries with an assembly of vertical content choices that are distilled into an unobtrusive stream of data.

Administrative communication channel
A dedicated, high priority internal information feed that works along side the most prestigious external content sources to broadcast dynamic information that is published by authorize administrators.

Cohesive information flow for organizations with separate branches
WorldFlash Intra CPS enables IT personnel to send relevant streams of information to employees, making sure that branches in separate locations receive the same information on a real-time basis, promoting our client's ability to maintain cohesive policies and initiatives globally.

Proven real-world solution
WorldFlash Intra is already used every day by major clients, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel...

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Business to Employee Communication Business to Employee Communication

Targeted and timely delivery of information from your company's Portal, CRM and ERP. Enable administrators to send headlines and alerts to groups and to individual desktops.   

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Business Intelligence Business Intelligence

Immediate delivery of the latest news from the most prestigious industry specific content sources, serving a wide range of industries with an assembly of vertical content choices that are distilled into an unobtrusive stream of data. Track news about your clients, competitors and other news items that can influence your success.

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